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Jaggery is a traditional Indian sweetener made from sugarcane and is believed to be a healthy substitute for sugar.

Did you know that Organic Jaggery is extensively used in many Indian cuisines and in various Ayurvedic medicines?

Yes, That is correct. It is extensively used in Indian cuisines and Ayurvedic medicines.

Not only that, it comes with a bunch of its own unique health benefits. Jaggery forms the backbone of Asavas and Arishtas – fermented liquid Ayurvedic medicines.

It is a type of unrefined sugar, prepared from sugar cane or date juice.

The juice is concentrated by heating and molasses is not removed while concentrating it.

The end product is brownish yellow colored solid jaggery blocks. It is also available in a semisolid form.



  1. PREVENTS CONSTIPATIONS- This is one the most of the beneficial benefit of jaggery. Constipation leads to many diseases like stress, hypothyroidism, etc. and this food product helps you preventing those diseases.


      2. DETOXES THE LIVER-  Jaggery helps is cleaning the liver by flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Jaggery allows the effective detox of your body.




       3. TREATS FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS- Jaggery fights with the symptoms of cold and cough. Just mix it up with warm water and drink or you can even add it up to your tea instead of sugar.

jaggery health benefits

  1. PURIFIES BLOOD- It has the ability to purify the blood, which is the most well-known benefits of jaggery. Just needs to be consumed regularly in limited quantity.




  1. COOLS THE STOMACH- It helps in cooling the stomach down by maintaining body temperature. Gursharbat is prepared by soaking jaggery in ice cold water to help the purpose.




  1. CONTROLS BLOOD PRESSURE- Jaggery contains potassium and sodium, which plays an important role in the maintenance of acid levels in the body.




  1. PREVENTS RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS- Many respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. can be prevented by consuming jaggery regularly. Experts recommend eating this natural sweetener with sesame seeds for wonderful benefits for the respiratory system.




  1. RELIEVES JOINT PAIN- Eating jaggery can provide you with much-needed relief if you suffer from aches and pains in your joints. You can have a piece of jaggery with milk every day to strengthen the bones.




  1. WEIGHT LOSS- As mentioned above that jaggery is a rich source of Potassium and Potassium helps in the water retention which helps in managing your weight. These factors play an important role in effective weight loss, so if you’re looking to lose some unwanted pounds, include this food in your diet.





  1. GIVES ENERGY- When you eat jaggery, it is digested and absorbed gradually and releases energy over an extended period of time. This can provide the eater with warmth and energy for a more extended period without harming their internal organs.




NOTE: – Eating a piece of Jaggery daily can help women combat PMS symptom including mood swings, menstrual cramps, and abdominal pain.




These above are the benefits of jaggery and all are actually the concerns of most of the people, which can be resolved by consuming just a piece of jaggery daily.

However, There are Disadvantages of Eating Jaggery too but don’t worry they are surely less than the advantages.

Nowadays, there are many online platforms wherein you can buy certified organic jaggery online. Go ahead and get these benefits.


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